Our Methods

…aims to help children achieve school readiness in all areas of academic and social learning


Shining Stars focuses on providing a well-balanced, comprehensive and stimulating preschool experience to develop every child’s potential. Our holistic approach promotes child development in 5 fundamental areas i.e. physical, intellectual, social, emotional and creative development through incorporating language, mathematics, science, music and movement, and art and craft concepts and skills in age-appropriate and meaningful themes.


Shining Stars utilizes the renowned FunGates System as her core curriculum in the teaching of the children.


Why FunGates

The FunGates System is a well proven and structured system with over 20 years of research and development making it a relevant and up-to-date system. It is currently the leading system in preschool education in Malaysia, consistently setting high standards with their unique programme. Its innovative programme enables both the teacher and student to achieve maximum results with minimum pressure. It offers specialized development classes with lots of hands-on learning apparatus, thus making the lessons focused but fun for the young child.


The key pillars of the FunGates Systems:


Developed with the growing child in mind; the System incorporates books and apparatus that are designed exclusively by FunGates. A large variety of imported educational aids add to the hands-on approach that makes learning more fun and effective.


‘Fun’ is a universal language for all children. The system firmly believes that learning must be fun for children, and this is the entry point to a child’s most critical and formative first six years of life. A child’s first entry must be filled with memories of enjoyable, challenging and fun learning experiences.


A wholesome education involves not only the development of a child's IQ and EQ. FunGates schools also impart a culture of good character, social responsibility and values. Character Building is one of the outstanding strengths of the FunGates System and we are one of the pioneers in character education. Positive character values such as honesty, integrity, truthfulness, initiative, and responsibility are emphasized.


FunGates founder Clarine Chun and her team of consultants are very passionate educationists. Every ‘FunGates’ teacher goes through a dynamic and highly motivated training directly under Clarine and her founding team; to equip themselves with the skills to bring out the best in every child. Teachers are also kept current in the latest teaching techniques. To accomplish this, they are mandated to attend 40 hours of hands on teaching annually.


FunGates is not only about children and education. The tremendous impact FunGates has on children is translated into community services through the FunGates SuperFLow Foundation, an arm of FunGates. Children studying at a FunGates school indirectly contribute a portion of their fees back into the community through this foundation.


The FunGates System challenges each child to achieve maximum academic performance through minimum pressure. FunGates gives every child a strong foundation to take on any challenge in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Math, and Science. Strong emphasis is also given to building integrity and values as part of the character development of a child, thereby producing children who perform better academically, socially and spiritually.

We Open The Gates To First Class Fun Learning