Our Social Responsibility


     Our Social Responsibility


At the heart of all the work we do is people. Our community consists of parents, carers, students, teachers and friends. 


Partnership with Parents

We believe that when parents and teachers work as partners in a child’s education, the learning experience is richer and more meaningful. This learning process that the child experiences is a continuous process-what is learnt in school is not confined within the school boundaries but it is also carried on when the child is outside the school, e.g. at home, etc. 


Our preschools encourage a highly productive partnership between teachers, principals and parents. As a partner, you’ll have numerous opportunities to communicate with us about your child. Our teachers and staff are always there for you to discuss your goals, needs and concerns for your child. We also provide monthly and yearly written reports so that you are always in the know. These reports are designed to help you understand and celebrate your child’s developmental progress


Additionally, Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) allow dedicated time to discuss your child’s development, and how you and your teacher can continue to work together to successfully prepare your child for the next steps.

Partnership in Community Services

Shining Stars’ teachers, children and their parents are a part in touching the lives of the less fortunate in our community through the FunGates SuperFlow Fundation, an outreach arm of FunGates. Every month, Shining Stars contributes a part of its school fees to this foundation whilst the teachers voluntarily contribute a portion of their salary to the foundation. More information on the foundation can be found at www.fungatessuperflowfoundation.org

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