After School Programme (ASP)


     After School Programme (ASP)


(Note: This programme is only offered at our Shining Stars Enrichment Centre)


Our After-School Programme is not an extended academic school hour programme, but rather it’s a wholly activity-enriched programme. The programme starts with the children being given a nutritious lunch, followed by supervised guidance in completing all their homework in school, thereby giving them more time for play and interaction with parents at home.


The programme introduces children to:

English literature through speech and drama

Through role play and acting of the famous William Shakespeare’s literatures, the children gain new found confidence, an outlet for their expressions as well as learn good moral truths

Being mummy's little helper through domestic science

Children learn about common kitchen measurements, handling of kitchen utensils and basic methods of baking and steaming

Loving Chinese through fun activities

Through fun filled activities, critical thinking lessons and a reward system, language turns from plain boring to exciting!

Easel Board Drawing

Hours of fun and creativity allow the young ones to express their imagination with their sketches and paintbrushes

Library Time

It’s a wonderful literacy world filled with picturesque books, stories and knowledge. Our library is put together to ensure that children books of various genre are represented

Character building

There is much more to preschool than learning the alphabet and recognizing numbers. It is essential that children feel cared for and that they learn to care for others as well. 

The Character building programme covers teaching children social skills as well as moral values such as honesty, unselfishness and tolerance. Other important character building skills include interpersonal skills such as teaching children good manners, how to get along and work well with others and anger management. All these Character building activities help teach children essential skills that will help them interact with others successfully.

Multimedia through the Discovery Clubs

Songs & Rhymes

Children love to move, dance and sing. The programme helps them to work on physical co-ordination, co-operation and communication while having fun

Games and Play


Teachers get to spend quality time with your children, creating a strong nurturing bond.

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday - 12:15pm - 3:15pm

(in accordance to the school semester)


Daily Schedule



12:15PM - 12:30PM

Free Play

12:30PM - 1:15PM


1:15PM - 2:15PM

Homework Supervision

2:00PM - 3:15PM

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After School Programme


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