Enrichment Programmme


     Enrichment Programme


Learning comes alive in our after-preschool Enrichment Programme. It is a wonderful blend of free play, structured activity and lesson from an array or experts. Let your child create unforgettable memories with our awesome enrichment programmes available Monday to Friday, 12:30pm to 2:00pm (CSS) and 12:15pm to 3:15pm (SSEC).


We offer:

English Preparatory Classes (offered at our Charis Shining Stars Centre)

These extended learning classes give the children the opportunity to enhance their mastery of the language. They develop self-confidence to use English to communicate both verbally and in writing. Their vocabulary is widened and their knowledge of the grammar and structure of the English Language is reinforced. Special emphasis is placed upon:

    • listening skills
    • developing children’s spoken English
    • reading fluency
    • accurate pronunciation
    • extending vocabulary
    • building a strong foundation in grammar
    • encouraging oral and written communication


Primary 1 Mandarin

The above programme is designed to ensure that our 6-year-old children are equipped with a strong solid foundation in the Chinese Language before entering their first year studies in a Chinese Primary School. Subjects such as Chinese, Mathematics and Science are taught using Mandarin as the medium of instruction. These lessons will help them to excel in their primary school studies after graduation.


Mandarin Enhancement (Odonata Chinese Reading Class)

This programme is for our Year 4 and Year 5 students. Children enjoy varied activities in the 1½ hour session every day. All the activities motivate competency in the 4 components of language learning – speaking, listening, reading and writing, all in a fun and enjoyable way.

Speaking – develop their confidence in speaking

Listening – expand the children’s imagination, build vocabulary and increase their understanding of the language

Reading – learn to recognize Chinese characters

Writing – learn to write Chinese characters, mastering the sequence of strokes, constructing sentences, creating stories and developing their ability to express themselves in written form


Art and Craft - Once a week

Creativity, problem-solving and self-expression are developed as children discover different art techniques, colour concepts and co-operation. Classes are offered once a week in collaboration with Little Artist Field.


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